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Recent Transactions

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Most Recent Transactions

Carden Apartments

Closed 4/28/17 $250,000 ($31,250/Unit) 8 Units 300-314 Pennsylvania Ave Oak Ridge, TN [...]

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2 Seymour 4-Plexes

Closed 5/2/2017 $180,000 ($45,000/Unit) 4 Units 414 Maryville Hwy Seymour, TN 37865 Closed 5/2/2017 $180,000 ($45,000/Unit) 4 Units 418 Maryville [...]

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Greystone Apartments

Closed 3/31/17 $470,000 ($39,167/Unit) 12 Units 3216 Garden Dr Knoxville, TN [...]

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